My name is Darin. Rather than update this information every time I have a birthday, I'm just going to say I was born in the spring of 1968. If you do the math with one of those conception calculators, I was concieved on or within a week of the solstice of the Summer of Love; which is why my parents called me their Summer Of Love Child. I was given my first tarot deck when I was 14, a gift from a friend and his mother. I spent 5 years studying and only reading for myself, and since then have been reading for friends, family, and the general public. See my About Me page for more details.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is the samee as my religion. My religion is called Thelema.

Thelema is a religion, philosophy, way of life. It can be one or more or all of those things just mentioned. Thelema has a kind of pick and choose quality to it for some, for others it is rather dogmatic in method. It can be eclectic for you if you are a practitioner or it can be very strict and disciplined. Thelema means "Will" in the sense of "Thy Will be done." A Thelemite, as adherents of Thelema are called, is one who seeks to always be aware of their "True Will" and do nothing other. A Thelemite is one who has determined for themselves the road less travelled and the destination it will provide. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" is the byword of Thelema.


Strictly Tarot. $1.99 per minute.


To send me an email, please use the contact form on my contact page, or you can chat with me during times I'm available, or click the Ring Me button to call Keen's toll free number to me (or dial yourself at 1-800-ASK-KEEN Ext. 01903225).


My tarot method is based on the teachings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn tarot method, and the world view or paradigm of Thelema as described by The Book of the Law and the experiences of Aleister Crowley as described in The Vision & The Voice. The tarot is a complete system in and of itself. So-called "Oracle Cards" are not complete systems. The tarot method of the Golden Dawn and Crowley are based on a paper known as Book T. Book T was the first written instruction to include the definitions of all 78 of the tarot cards, it is the original "little white book." All other "little white books" come from and after Book T. As well, I have added decades of experience with the tarot to my own personal tarot journal of meanings. Meanings in "little white books" are mearly suggestions, keywords to help guide the reader toward their own understanding. Careful study of Book T can reveal all of the tarot's secrets. I don't read on "phantasms" of my imagination, using the card's images to spark my intuition, but instead use the card's images to work as mnemonics to remind me of the instructions of Book T and the various coded associations each card has within the entire deck. This, then, sparks my intuitions.

I'm a long time student of the occult, initiate of several orders of magick and mysticism, and I spent 7 years studying psychology (as well as continued study now and again for refresher purposes). I will give you readings based completely on the cards that I lay on my table when you ask me your question(s). The direction I can offer you comes from the sound wisdom of a person who knows and understands the tarot greatly, has had a lot of life experiences himself, and has learned from doctors of psychology the study of human nature and personality.

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